Dicky Mint was a sailor. A sailor with a very, very big nose. His name was Dicky Mint because once upon a time he got his dicky bow stuck in a bowl of very very sticky mint ice cream.  Spyglass Guides has some great information on this game.

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       Mystery/Puzzle/Horror          3rd person               Mouse              16+            Medium              Medium

Sins of the Fathers


Sierra On-Line Inc.

Sierra On-Line Inc.

None known

DOS & Windows 3.1, 95

3.5" diskettes & CD-ROM


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Gabriel Knight









He started out writing a book on voodoo. Now he's fighting for his very soul.

Gabriel Knight is the last in a long line of Shadow Hunters, those fated to fight the dark forces of the supernatural. Haunted by a centuries-old curse, he is tormented by terrifying nightmares.

Now he must spend every waking moment scouring the side streets and back alleys of New Orleans for the key to his dark past. And when he sleeps – the nightmare begins.

Stylishly designed and richly written – a true neo-gothic computer novel. More conversation, more clues, more game options, and more dark secrets to discover. Winner of Game Bytes' "Best of Show" award for product excellence at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers 1 logo