Dicky Mint was a sailor. A sailor with a very, very big nose. His name was Dicky Mint because once upon a time he got his dicky bow stuck in a bowl of very very sticky mint ice cream.  Spyglass Guides has some great information on this game.

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     Fantasy/Humour/Puzzle         3rd person              Mouse               11+           Medium                  Low

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Adventure Soft Publishing Limited

Adventure Soft Publishing Limited

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DOS/Windows 95, 98


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Four Fat Chicks

Simon the Sorcerer









"What had begun as a simple quest to banish the Shapeshifter Witch and free the good wizard Calypso has become hideously strange. Only this morning I was eaten by an amphibian whose table manners were quite appalling. Then, as if that wasn’t a sufficiently bad start to the day, I was leered at by a rock which refused flatly to say a word.

At my wit’s end, I consulted with a wise owl. Instead of a clue, he fed me a red herring - which was delicious, but it landed me in a pickle. Rather than completing my noble quest, I found myself settling an industrial dispute between a despotic Troll and a herd

of militant goats. My keen intuition began told me that there might

be more to this magic forest than meets the eye..."

Simon the Sorcerer